• Soteria OA Solution


           This is the most advanced analytical system for aiding the treatment
of obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliance. For more detail, click the link to see our brochure in English or in Chinese.

  • Soteria Mf-SEP

         Mf-SEP is the most advanced upper airway evaluation system
for maxillofacial surgeries. For more detail, click the link to see our brochure in English or in Chinese.

  • Soteria DcmRecons

This is our newest software solution; it is a build preparation software designed with 3D printers in mind. It is designed to convert medical images from CT or CBCT scanners to STL format that can be used by other software or hardware.
Its advantages include:

  • Simple and easy
  • Fast processing (including smoothing) and output
  • The surface of output stl file is always closed and connected
  • Automatically calculate total segmentation volume and slice segmentation area


  • Upper Airway Evaluation Platform

           This is a multipurpose tool that can be used to simulate upper airway conditions including airway pressure and airflow rate of selected area.

It can be used to:

          - visualize the condition of the area,

          - evaluate the effectiveness of upper airway surgeries,

          - evaluate the effectiveness of oral appliance used for the

             treatment of obstructive sleep apnea,

          - optimize the success rate of the treatment,

          - further the research, and

          - other applications


  • OSA evaluation platform
  • Customized oral appliance
  • Customized smart mask


Under development:

Our Customers

  • Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (Taiwan): using upper airway evaluation platform for clinical research that evaluates craniofacial and upper airway dynamics in OSA children with cleft palate after pharyngeal flap surgery.

Available now:


Producer of the first simulation web platform for upper airway

Winner of APICTA Award 2017 in the category of Health and Wellbeing

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